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“I can’t listen to music, I said
there’s already too much noise in my head
reverberating from the things they say
every hour of every day
please don’t switch on the radio
not in my home
and please don’t play that DVD
I don’t even have a TV
because the noise is too much for me
and please
I can’t see you
I’m too busy
please just let me be
there’s too much noise in my head
reverberating from all the words they said
I need some peace
It’s all too noisy for me

but today I found
the quaintest retro radio, second-hand
coloured cream with chrome trim
I brought it home
switched it on and twiddled a bit
now I’m listening to it
and the noise in my head
from those things they said,
the things they did and do and still say
has been evicted by beautiful music.

©Jane Paterson Basil


15 thoughts on “Radio

      1. I’m very much afraid I’m in that exact head space. That’s why I quit doing my Saturday music thing. I just CRAVE silence at the moment. Although the other day I did pull up some New Age stuff on YouTube and put it on while I was working on the next part of Seeker. There’s too much in my head at the moment. It makes the music sound distorted. Does that make sense?


        1. Yes it does. Music is very emotive – it takes you to places that it’s sometimes too painful to go.
          Maybe we both need to run away from home for a while – but would we be able to run away from what’s happenong in ourt heads?

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          1. Probably not, but I’d like to try it by the sea somewhere! The night I spent in the lighthouse listening to the waves break on the shore and banks was the most peaceful sleep I’ve ever had. I truly believe I became one with the heart and rhythm of he world for that little space of time. I heard it in my head, I felt it in my heart. (I think I’m going to turn this into a poem… See what you did to me!)

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  1. You had me at the photo of the radio, which looks like a charming miniature. Then the poem just completed the story. A good one, Jane. Really good. And pleased to see you going out of the house. Any second-hand shopping is a good reason to do so.

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    1. The radio was just a bit of luck. It turned up in the charity shop where I work on Thursdays, and I fell instantly in love with it. It’s prettier than the one in the photo, but I couldn’t find an image of it online. I really should sort out my uploading issue.
      I squashed that bout of agaraphobia quite quickly, and now I’m making sure I go out every day.

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    Thank you!


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