Never mind


you say I’ve left my mind behind
say what you will, I do not mind
no more will I be undermined
by your unmindful state of mind
I’ve mined my mind and now I find
I haven’t left my mind behind
my mind is fine, so please unwind
those twisted wires in your mind

you think I’m mad? well never mind
remind me, if you do not mind
whose is this mind that you’ve maligned?
that’s right, it’s mine, it’s my design
do what you will – malign my mind
but do you mind? this mind is mine
you must have left your mind behind
to think that you can change my mind
your kindly offer I decline
you’re welcome if you redefine
your mindless doubts about my mind
so if you will, please undermine
your mind’s designs upon my mind

©Jane Paterson Basil


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