14 thoughts on “Imprisoned by love

    1. Thank you, Your Loyal Kindness (modestly drops her eyes, does a low, humble curtsey which is somewhat ruined by her having to scramble under a nearby table to and chase her fallen eyes which are rolling across the room, fast approaching a mouse hole).

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        1. I was just in time – the mouse had slapped them between two slices of bread and was about to take a bite, when… wait a sec, if I didn’t have my eyes in, how could I see what was going on? I think I should quit before someone notices the paradox…

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            1. That’s an idea – but maybe not – I’m trying to fight the urge to accuse Calen of stealing them and using them to play marbles. There’s a danger I could find myself being sued for libel 🙂

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              1. Oh dear, didn’t realise Calen used eyeballs for playing marbles. How weird is that ?! Can’t she afford the glass kind? Wait, there’s glass eyes too. Oooh, better not go there……. 🙂

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                1. I was going to say Calen’s lost her marbles, but that would sound offensive, and couldn’t be further from the truth 🙂
                  I think Calen’s wandered out of the conversation – better change the subject. We don’t want her thinking we talk about her behind her back 🙂

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