I don’t understand us

deforestation-405749_960_720.jpgwe can build a brain

and yet we cannot embrace

our weeping planet


submachine-gun-new60_720we can reach the moon

yet we cannot turn ourselves

away from hatred



caught up in the flow

we race toward our demise.

stop. stand still. listen.


planet-9.jpgearth sings without need

of our accompaniment.

we are out of tune


world-342-228.jpgwe know the answers

but we pretend that we don’t.

surely we can change.


Written for Calen’s Sandbox Writing Challenge #47  “What don’t you understand?” I don’t understand what is the matter with the human race. It’s taken us millions of years to advance to the stage where we can build a vehicle which is able to travel through space and reach the moon, and make a machine which, in a fraction of a  second will answer a mathematical question that would take an average human brain years to work out, and yet we still aren’t able to keep our planet or ourselves healthy.

©Jane Paterson Basil


11 thoughts on “I don’t understand us

    1. I guess it’s the complexity of the brain that makes it so hard. My dad liked his tools to be simple, so that there was less to break down. He didn’t like power tools – he made his own potter’s wheel and it used cycle power. Our brains are a bit like complicated power tools.

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