Daily Archives: July 22, 2016

New look

rainbow-152 verynarrow

rainbow-line horizontal

I’ve given this blog a fresh header, and as I was admiring it, it occurred to me that it would look smart if I had a matching rainbow half-frame on the left side of each post. I planned to try the idea out with a haiku. This is the haiku:

playing with new look
nervous about posting this
take a deep breath – click

When I tried to arrange it I discovered a couple of technical difficulties – the first one being that I can’t line the vertical and the horizontal one as I would like. The second problem is that as my posts are all different lengths, if I wanted both parts of my frame to be the same width I’d have to crop the rainbow a different length for each post. As you can see, this vertical line is not long enough for the whole of the post, so that’s a third problem. I think the only thing I can do on a practical level is to throw away my lengths of frame.

rainbow-line 45rainbow-152verynarrow 1.pngrainbow-line 70rainbow-152verynarrow 12rainbow-line 2rainbow-line horizontalrainbow-line 2

rainbow-152 verynarrowrainbow-line 75rainbow-152verynarrow 123

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