New look

rainbow-152 verynarrow

rainbow-line horizontal

I’ve given this blog a fresh header, and as I was admiring it, it occurred to me that it would look smart if I had a matching rainbow half-frame on the left side of each post. I planned to try the idea out with a haiku. This is the haiku:

playing with new look
nervous about posting this
take a deep breath – click

When I tried to arrange it I discovered a couple of technical difficulties – the first one being that I can’t line the vertical and the horizontal one as I would like. The second problem is that as my posts are all different lengths, if I wanted both parts of my frame to be the same width I’d have to crop the rainbow a different length for each post. As you can see, this vertical line is not long enough for the whole of the post, so that’s a third problem. I think the only thing I can do on a practical level is to throw away my lengths of frame.

rainbow-line 45rainbow-152verynarrow 1.pngrainbow-line 70rainbow-152verynarrow 12rainbow-line 2rainbow-line horizontalrainbow-line 2

rainbow-152 verynarrowrainbow-line 75rainbow-152verynarrow 123

Β©Jane Paterson Basil



21 thoughts on “New look

  1. Sounds kind of complicated anyway. Sometimes you get tired of making things “Perdy.” I have the color # for my background. When I’m having spacing problems, I use tick marks to “cement” stuff where it goes. Then I got to custom colors and pull up that color with the # and make all those tick marks the same color as my background so no one will see them. But sometimes it gets to be a pain in the butt!!!

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    1. It may be a pain in the butt, but it’s clever – I may try that. Using HTML is all very well, but with HTML my chosen font gets replaced with something ugly, and the whole thing ends up looking like a typewritten sheet.

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                1. The company was great – it was a farewell dinner for my sister-in-law who can’t get a job over here even though she’s a top-notch professor at the University of Seattle, so she has to live in the U.S.for most of the year.

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                  1. Blimey, that’s tough. She’s perhaps too experienced and on too high a pay grade for universities here to afford to pay? My father in law found that towards the end of his teaching career – you progress up the pay scale but despite being a btter teacher, that can make you less attractive to cash strapped insitutions.
                    Glad you had a lovely evening. πŸ™‚

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                    1. I think you’re right – Cynthia is in a very senior position.
                      It was a lovely evening, but my brother’s food is dodgy. He ignores sell-by dates, and though he used to have a vegan cafe, and thinks he understands food, he doesn’t. When I got home I was ill. It’s a cross we all have to bear πŸ™‚

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                    2. He used to run a vegan cafe but regularly gives people dodgy stomachs from his cooking? Nice. I ignore some sell by dates – dried goods particularly. But use by dates you can’t really mess with. I’ve been known to eat an out of date yoghurt but I’d never feed it to anyone else! Hope you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

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                    3. I’m fine now, thanks – I meant use by dates. I have three brothers. all very different. This brother is lovely in many ways, but he thinks everyone should be like him IN EVERY WAY. That includes being totally dogmatic in exactly the same areas as he is, and having a digestive system made of iron.

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                    4. I have a feeling many men are like that – there way is best and that’s final! I don’t think it’s a bad thing to question the way shops date their food. I know someone who throws away everything as it reaches its sell by date, whatever it is, while there’s a lot of things like fruit and veg that you just have to use your judgement on. I found some very old courgettes in the fridge the other day but once I’d peeled them they were fine and we all at them in a pasta with no ill affects. People have lost a certain amount of common sense it seems to me. Though I’ll break off on that subject now before I step over into rant mode πŸ™‚


  2. I think using the one short horizontal piece at the very top of each new post would be sufficient to carry your theme all the way through, but not cause you hours of technical difficulties. You can simply post it as a small picture and then drop down to write your text. But it would pull the whole site together quite nicely. Your new header is lovely and energizing.

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