Three dry rooms, free of infestation
whose roof sloughs off rain’s invasion
Sunlight filling my home by day
a view that carries me far away
may not sound much like luxury
but it feels like a lot to me

electric wires bringing light and heat
a fridge and freezer full of food to eat
a cooker and several sturdy pots
so I can cook that food and eat it hot
may not sound much like luxury
but it feels like a lot to me

And when at night my tired head
has had enough and I go to bed
a deep divan is waiting for me
and I drift off to sleep in luxury
while out in the rain the homeless lie
on flattened cardboard to stay warm and dry


Written for The Daily Post #Luxury

©Jane Paterson Basil

18 thoughts on “Cardboard

    1. I’m so pleased not to be the only one who feels that way – every time I hear or see the word luxury I think of those sleeping on the streets, or starving in drought-ridden lands, or losing their homes in war-torn countries, and I feel rich.
      Thank you so much for the comment. It means a lot x

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  1. Nice poem. I couldn’t think of a bloomin’ that to hook up with luxury. Guess I need to get me a different perspective. Our whole house is a luxury when you compare. Thank you for making me think about that.

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    1. On the other hand, I’m sure your house is a hovel when you compare it with the home of a millionaire 🙂 It’s not easy to look at life from anywhere but where you are standing. Hey, that’s not a bad quote – I may tidy it up and post it later…

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  2. Having the comforts you describe is a luxury. With all my heart I hope and pray that everyone will have shelter, warmth, food to fill their bellies, clean water, friends to share their lives with.

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    1. Thank you Kathleen. My mum used to say “There but for the Grace of God go I.” She invited them in for meals, showers and, if she could manage it, a change of clothing (She’d wash the dirty clothes by hand, as she had no washing machine). She was a better woman than I.


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