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Sukritiz only began blogging yesterday, but she has already published quite a few posts, all of them tiny stories, written with a beautiful simplicity, and each one contains a nugget of wit or wisdom (or both) which belies her youth. I hope my readers will take the trouble to check out her blog. You won’t be wasting your time. She’s as awesome ass an awesome thing which has been plucking extra awesomeness from the sky. She has crates of it :).

bubble Soliloquy

​”Granny asked for a blanket”

informed the kid to the parents.
And his mother came out with the rejected sets of blankets inspite of the newly purchased spare set.
After returning from the vihara.They found the kid tearing the newly bought blankets.
The father scolded him badly and asked for the reason of this nonsense activity.
The kid politely replied

“I was tearing them so that I can provide you with these when you grow old.”


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