Get in training



you ‘d better think quick, better get in training
cos’ you may find all manner of complications raining
down on your head
and you could be dead
if you don’t have the wisdom to build your strength
don’t forget you’re young and you’ve got the whole length
of your life to live
you’ll have nothing to give
if you don’t work out a lighter way to carry that load
cos’ you’re gonna find a year or ten down the road
bad luck or fate
will add to the weight
it could be any one of all manner of issues
and you won’t hold it back by crying into tissues
so do it today
practice every way
of dealing with any kind of troubles you may face
this is not a garden party, it’s the human race
life can get rough
so you have to be tough
to ward off depression, stress and anxiety
or you’ll end up with much more weight than you can carry.

A hurried one, written for The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt #Carry, while waiting to meet a friend…

©Jane Paterson Basil



19 thoughts on “Get in training

    1. No – I think it’s a conspiracy. Speaking of which, are the youth of Australia obsessed with conspiracy theories? Over here they’re rife. It makes me wish the young would go back to playing computer games, if it would get them off those crazy sites. What drives me nuts is that it’s intelligent people who are getting hooked in. Such negativity is a drain on the collective consciousness.

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        1. I suppose I’m talkin abot 25-35 year old rather than kids, and the majority of them seem to be stoners.
          My daughter found a Pokamon dancing on some papers in her office at work – I didn’t ask her why she was on the app. when she was meant to be working, but I know it wasn’t typical of her.

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          1. I don’t really have anyting to do with that age group these days. There is a lot of unrest, disillusion, people looking for things to believe in and latching on to addictions as a panacea to cure all ills or at the very least damp them down enough not to hurt so much or be so scary. Yet it all creates more of the same. The Pokemon Go thing is ridiculous – another addiction, and one that hit hard and fast.

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            1. Back in the 60’s and 70’s we were all looking for something positive to believe in, and that was generally a good thing, but these days they look around them and don’t like what they see, and yet they go searching for conspiracies and end up paranoid.
              If I did all that to my head I may end up wanting to escape into daft games.

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