Now that spring is neatly out of the way, It’s time to spring clean my blog. The plan is to have a routine – something like this:

  • Monday: Start off easy with a little poem for The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt.
  • Tuesday: Write an amusing little piece about the stupid things I have done lately – that shouldn’t be difficult. + The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt.
  • Wednesday: Write up and post for Calen’s challenge. The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt
  • Thursday: Pot Luck – when I don’t mistake it for Wednesday or even Sunday, Thursday tends to be busy, and I don’t always find the time to write.
  • Friday:Esther Newton’s Thursday challenge. The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt.
  • Saturday: A bit of flash fiction, probably involving blood and guts. The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt.
  • Sunday: Some sort of a thing.

Please note:

Sometimes I wake up on a Monday and think it’s Wednesday, so I could find myself writing a post for Calen’s Challenge from the previous week, and wondering why it seems so familiar, or I may think it’s Saturday, and write some gory flash fiction in addition to The Daily Post’s prompt.

Even when I know what day it is, my lifestyle is erratic – I can’t guarantee to post the correct piece on the requisite day, so I may post it the following day, or never.

I may feel inspired on a Tuesday to write a rant about the disgusting concrete eyesore which still blocks my vies of a small portion of the horizon even though it was due for demolition months ago, and that could set me up for a week of ranting – about small-minded neighbours who keep complaining about a resident who is unwell,  about the failing NHS, pollution, recycling, people who never think about prevention and then aggressively demand a cure… you get the gist

There will be times when I know what day it is, but I don’t feel like sticking to my calender, so I’ll list every length of fabric I’ve ever bought with the intention of making something, AND I’ll expect my readers to be fascinated. Then I’ll get behind, and everything will be a day late – except it won’t, because by that time I’ll have lost track of the days all over again and think it’s Sunday when in fact it’s Friday.

Other times I won’t feel like doing the Word Prompt because it doesn’t inspire me, and I’ll go off and paint the bedside cabinets which I picked up a couple of weeks ago with that optimistic plan in mind. If you’ve drawn the short straw, and turned out to be me, the idea of covering the Word Prompt every day is pretty unrealistic anyway.

I could get bored with the whole idea after three days and give up on it, but not tell anyone.

In brief:

Monday may arrive on a Friday, Thursday could be on a Tuesday, on Wednesday I may be bored with the agenda, on Saturday I could be moved to write about the role of armadillos in tree surgery, and Sunday may never come.

Although it isn’t yet finalised, I think my plan of making the blog more user-friendly is coming together well. I’ll have it shipshape in no time at all. In the unlikely event that you can see any flaws in it I’d be grateful for your advice.

©Jane Paterson Basil


39 thoughts on “Shipshape

  1. Love the new plan! Even if you don’t stick to it ever. I love your silly, ranty asides – my favourite part of your canon. Scribble away, Jane – even if the posts appear on the wrong days 🙂

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    1. I’m sure they’ll continue to be as random as ever.
      Speaking of random, I can see a man standing on the edge of the sky – actually I think he’s standing on a roof over in the distance. It’s not a suicide – he’s looking industrious.

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            1. Haha! Speaking of which – I’m not sure if I mentioned this to you, but I’ve come up with a brilliant money making scheme – I’m going to sell bottles of dehydrated water. All you have to do is fill them with liquid – water is best – and you’ve got a bottle of water.
              I could do with a bit of cash to get the venture under way (ten grand or so) – if you can leave it in the usual place..

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                1. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. You will be saving millions of lives, and I’ll make millions of pounds, so we’ll both be happy. I think I’m doing you a favour by offering you this great opportunity.
                  I think I’m turning into Ricky Gervais…

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                    1. I hope not. I’d love to take the credit for The Invention of Lying, Derek, Flanimals – and The Office, obviously.
                      He was also the man who recognised the potential of Carl Pilkington.
                      The man’s a genius, up there with Peter Cooke, Ronner Barker and the hallowed Spike.

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                    2. The Office was great and we adored Flanimals, but I’ll be honest we never fancied Derek and some of his stand up has been a bit near the knuckle for me. I would like to add Eric and Ernie to your list – watching them dance to the tune The Stripper still makes me smile 🙂

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                    3. I could talk for quite a while about my theories concerning Ricky Gervaise. In some ways he reminds me of Charlie Chaplain. Oh yes, Eric and Ernie did some great stuff, but I never mention them because they’re credited with the title of greatest comedy duo ever, and for me they take third place. Pete and Dud come top. In the 60’s when I was a kid they made me cry with laughter, and it’s a tragedy that so much of their material was filmed over.
                      I’ve just lost an hour-and-a-half watching their sketches on You tube…

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                    4. There’s a warmth to Eric and Ernie that I love – a fondness between the two of them. I remember hearing some of the Derek and Clive stuff and being appalled at how vitriolic Peter Cook was towards Dudley Moore – nasty. I confess it put me off him a bit.

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                    5. Maybe that was what was behing the magic of Eric and Ernie…
                      Peter Cooke was a notoriously horrible man. I think the reason for the split was that Dud couldn’t stand it any longer.
                      But he was insanely funny, and the contrast between them made Dud even more loveable. I loved it when they got together with Peter Sellers because Dud and Peter Sellers were both gigglers, and watching them trying to manitain straight faces had me in stitches 🙂

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                    6. Their corpsing was very funny – seeing people making each other genuinely laugh is always lovely and contagious. I think Sellers was another funny man who was difficult in real life, wasn’t he? Mind you, so was Spike, but for different reasons. Milligan was a magical father, apparently – and a very difficult husband.

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                    7. A lot of out best comedians seem to have issues. Maybe you have to have a little madness in you to be funny, or maybe the humour is a coping mechanism – or a bit of both. I’ve always been considered both funny and a bit deranged, and that’s how it is for me.

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                    8. Maybe you’re right, Jane – I think a lot of people who are insecure find humour works for them as a defence mechanism. The same with actors – they are often quite needy people, something missing from them that has to be supplied from outside. That’s my pop psychology over for today 🙂

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                    9. I remember years ago seeing an interview on TV – a brilliant actor; the most successful of 3 brothers from your neck of the woods (can’t remember his name). The interview was painful because without a script he couldn’t communicate. I don’t know whether it was shyness or stupidity, but my heart went out to him. His discomfiture made me want to cry.

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                    10. It wasn’t a McGann brother, was it? I’ve seen the same with other actors – they’re unsuccessful at interviews because they look so uncomfortable just being themselves. It’s a shame the poor things have to go onto talk shows as part of promoting films etc. Would be easier on all of us if they could be left in peace 🙂

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                    11. Ah, Fox’s! Yes, there are lots of them, aren’t there. Now the Fox kids are taking up the acting flame too. Wasn’t there an Edward too? Bless them – even being that posh doesn’t always help with self confidence then! 🙂

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                    12. I thought there was an Edward, but I couldn’t find him.
                      Maybe he was beaten for wetting the bed.Maybe the family’s expectations were too high. Maybe he had a lot of perceived failures before he hit the jackpot. Maybe none of those things…

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                    13. Who know what happens to people. It’s easy to assume they’ve had a charmed life because they come from a privileged background, but some people have terrible lives no matter what.


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