Daily Archives: August 18, 2016

Under the stars


do you remember
those long ago nights
when I stole out of the house
after my father switched the lights out
I innocently believed your smile
was for nobody but me
I thought we shared a secret
those long ago nights
beneath the stars

so many times I
compromised myself
to be with you
lying in the silence of the night
that summer when even the breeze
was stilled by your powerful presence
and you were like food to me
a sweet nector I couldn’t leave alone
feasting until I was overfilled
yet always hungry for more

in autumn your eyes
burned brighter
like a dying flame
igniting my passion
and yet winter found me bored
by your distant company
and it was cold
so I stayed indoors
ignoring you night-time call
and by Spring I had slipped into
a lighter romance

after all these years
here I am
and you are in the usual place
I stare at your cold face
and I know that while I only had eyes for you
you, the moon, had a view
of the hemisphere

Written for The Daily Post Prompt #Moon

©Jane Paterson Basil