Daily Archives: August 22, 2016

A place called Jeopardy


Last Monday brought a hangover from hell
rang up my work, said I didn’t feel well
boss knew I’d been on a drinking spree
told me that my job was in jeopardy
On Thursday the same thing happened again
can you imagine my consternation when
In the blink of an eye I was in a strange land
full of rolling boulders and slipping sand
and though you may think this story is berserk
I was sitting at my desk from the office at work
Danger was apparent everywhere I looked
slitty eyes were glinting out of every nook
razors were raining down from the sky
I even saw a scorpion flying by
the earth beneath kept shifting and slanting
I could hear some invisible creature panting
jagged cracks kept opening in the ground
while fire balls exploded all around
0n my computer screen my boss appeared
laughing so much that he shed a tear
His eyes glittered brightly as he said to me
D’you like your new position in Jeopardy?


Written for The Daily Post Prompt #Jeopardize

©Jane Paterson Basil