The summer of ’76


the sun licked their steamy skin
as they primped in skimpy bikinis
sipping cider, slurping icecream
which dripped, sliding down their thighs
while I
said goodbye to my love

they disguised their innocence
beneath promiscuous hippydom
prodding intimate hot-spots
slyly faking orgasm
while I
said goodbye to my love

young skin defined Britain
bubble-gum tunes and lyrics
floated through open windows
that still evening
when I
deserted my love

all  of us were young
every forever would end
next month or maybe next year
to be replaced or renewed
but I
could never replace my love


©Jane Paterson Basil


10 thoughts on “The summer of ’76

      1. Haven’t we all !! It’s an essential part of life and growing up – to have those moments of youthful idiocy. Better then than later in life. Somehow those senior moments of idiocy seem more obscene and sad, like missed opportunities from youth.

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            1. Tha’s me -all style an’ glamour… (trips over the edge of the rug AGAIN, falling face-first into a bowl of strawberries, figures that they make a great facepack, so doesn’t wash them off. Forgets all about them and wanders into town to buy cheese…) 🙂

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