I’m a wicked Itch with no wish to be scratched
a witch of an Itch with big tickles to dispatch.
Disappointment is the only thing you’ll catch
If you make the mistake of thinking you’re my my match.
I ain’t contagious, and even if I was
you’d never pick up anything from me because
I’m no more than a playful, teasing Itch
and if I was younger I’d be branded a bitch;
but nevertheless if you spar with me
you’ll be wriggling about like you’d picked up a flea.

if you want an explanation I’ll lay myself bare
I’m an Incurably Tantalising Celebate Heterosexual
so there!

The right kind of man could cause a hiatus
and make me consider updating my status.


Β©Jane Paterson Basil



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