Who needs TV…


A golden globe
floats amid a small break in the grey,
its glow raining rays of light,
painting a silver lining.
The sun sinks
washing peach silk over the whole sky,
and as it retreats
funereal mauve bleeds in,
pushing peach into a narrowing horizontal gash
which darkens to orange.
The grieving sky thins to watery blue,
blotting out the flash of flame,
letting sweet night descend.

Β©Jane Paterson Basil


30 thoughts on “Who needs TV…

  1. I like the way you read so much into the colours – silver linings and funereal mauve. Super images and spot on for a real sunset. I know exactly the mauve you mean too. Glorious choice of words, as always Jane πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you. When I’m home I have my blog and the world outside my window. Sometimes it’s hard to tear myself away and go outside. When you’re out there you miss so many fascinating details. Today’s highlight was two seagulls on a roof below me πŸ™‚

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      1. I used to love watching the cars go by. I lived on the fifth storey and from that perspective it felt as if at least onCE in their lives, the drivers were in control of their lives – where they’re headed n how to do so. Even I don’t watch TV much. It’s more like a black, blank frame on the wall.

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        1. There’s someting fascinating about watching cars pass; just seeing that short moment of somebody’s life, not knowing what went before, where they’re going or why…
          TV’s strange – it’s so far removed from real life most of the time. If you don’t watch it often it’s kind of baffling.

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