Passion #tanka


their conversation

though light, has scarlet lining

like blood that rushes

pulsing around the body

aching to dance through the night


(This poem was reformatted to go onto the red background, because it looks better that way, but the version beneath it is an authentic senryu.)

©Jane Paterson Basil


11 thoughts on “Passion #tanka

        1. I think the gist of it is this: you have to pluck your eyebrows and wax sensitive portions of your body, and then realize that the whole thing is stupid, and just get on with your life.
          I missed out the preliminaries and went straight to getting on with my life, so I think I’ve made it to some kind of weird womanhood.
          The book is intelligent and very funny 🙂

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  1. A truly passionate poem Jane, hinting at endless hot nights. I like Caitlin Moran but haven’t read that book yet – she wrote a sitcom with her sister Channel 4 called Raised by Wolves about working class sisters being brought up by a single mum. Very sweary, fiesty and absolutely hilarious. How to be a woman indeed 🙂


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