The ways of love


sometimes it comes bright
like lightening
striking suddenly, blinding you,
for a while or for a lifetime

sometimes it comes fierce
like a whirlwind
lifting you,spinning you,
ripping you until it is finished

and sometimes
it rides in on a warm breeze
an easy love,
gentle and sweetly pleasing

but she had never known
a love that could germinate
from such an unpromising seed
and to grow unseen,
to full maturity.

She feels its roots planted
firm within her heart,
its branches reaching for the sun,
and she inhales
the exotic blossom.


©Jane Paterson Basil

28 thoughts on “The ways of love

    1. Thank you Raili – my little heart has been turning to gentle thoughts of love…
      and grandsons leaving home, and laughter, and cheese and onion flan, and sunsets, and “updating” another Shakespeare poem, and hypocrisy, and the exciting WP community, and so on 🙂

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      1. I also found myself inhaling that aroma! Lovely image to go with the poem too.
        You reminded me of research into arranged marriages and divorce rates (where there are no official barriers to divorce), the rate is low. Even with cultural pressures aside, love grows from a very uncertain seed.
        Beautifully expressed words.

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        1. Thank you – and thanks for that interesting fact. It doesn’t surprise me. We in the west are poor at choosing our own mates. We often go for looks, money or sex appeal. We have precise expections, and when our partner doesn’t meet those expectations we walk away.
          If it was my families cultural tradition to choose a husband for me I think they would have done a better job than I did, and I would have tried harder to make it work, out of respect and love for my family and its traditions.


  1. Aha! Cherry blossom 😉 beautifully written. The first bits remind me of the classic mills & boons impractical impossible love. The last bits are too real. Love that catches you unaware. Like looking at a face that suddenly becomes the only sight you’d wish to see. Like pride and prejudice.

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    1. I’ve never read Mills and Boon, but I always imagined it to be a wasteground of torn underwear, spilled wine and tumbled sheets.
      I was struck by the cherry blossom in your poem – I wondered whether you were writing that as I was writing this. It’s a strange and lovely thought…

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        1. It’s a good feeling. I’ve spent my life alone, except for my family. I’ve had friends, but I was always the one who was different. On WP differences are respected and those who are similar are drawn together like magnets. I think we are similar, although our life experiences are worlds apart.

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          1. Something similar in that too. Alone in a crowd. What I loved about this forum is that people are not out to judge…they are rather encouraging and supportive…unlike in reality… I posted somethings today… would love to know what you think…

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            1. I’ll be there as soon as I’ve run through my comments – I’m so chatty that it takes hours, and as soon as I write another post, or read a few from other bloggers, I start again with the comments. I’m so tired I feel as if I’m going to drop 🙂

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                    1. If you go on your blog and hover over ‘My Sites’ in the top left corner, a menu commes up. Click on comments, and you’ll see a menu on the top of that. Click on spam and you will probably find a load of comments offering advice that turn out to be ads. I always delete them, but genuine comments sometimes get spammed. Watch out for the weird ones from people who obviously haven’t read your post – I get a lot of those from bing. It’s a good idea to check out your spam folder regularly xx

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