Ad infinitum

                           I would like to invite
                          my dear WordPress friends
                     to join me me in a reachable place
                    where we could meet as whole people,
                     our bodies, intellects and souls
                        together in a green meadow
                           with fresh food to eat

                                there would
                            be no musical treat
                       no guitars, no lyrical singer
                        just we friends, in a field
                           sharing, singing our
                             own sweet melody
                               original and

      I could be over-polite
               and invite my friends
      to invite their friends and friends of friends
                        and friends off friends of friends
               each batch would be a little 
                like Chinese whispers
               their principles and beliefs 
     rolling like 
   a broken string of love beads
   from the nucleus

        to increase the size of the field
                       I would need to flatten hedges
           killing small creatures concealed within
           murdering trees that allow us to breathe

         then the friends, friends of friends
                            and friends of friends of friends
  would come in their millions
 brandishig their news, 
            their views,
            their sense of fun,
            their blithe spirits and their shrunken souls
            their charity and greed
            their intuition, wisdom and ignorance
            their atheism, devil worship and all kinds of godliness
            their hearts black, white and all colours in between
and just as in life
we would need to listen hard
                              to hear the melody
    beneath the deafening cacophany
       of humankind as it screams out
            its differences

This post was inspired by a lovely comment from  Sestina

Thank you for the inspiration Sestina!

Also written for The Daily Post #Melody

©Jane Paterson Basil


12 thoughts on “Ad infinitum

  1. Oh my, it sounded so lovely to start with and then sort of unraveled there in the end – but that’s how it is, isn’t it when there’s lots ‘n lots ‘n lots of us all with our differences 🙂

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  2. Says something very dep and true about mankind – that we can start with a sweet, unifying idea, not foresee the consequences and eventually produce something with a huge amount of destructive power. Pretty much sums up human beings I’d say! Great writing, Jane

    Liked by 1 person

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