Go to Go 30

I go to Go30, to fulfil my dream,
I go to Go30 to get fit and lean;
toning my muscles and trimmming my thighs
out of sight of those weight-lifting guys
showing off in the regular gym,
who don’t come here ‘cos they can’t come in.

Calling all women; go to Go30 now,
if you want to get strong they’ll show you how;
it’s true they won’t give you an easy ride
but the trainers are always on your side;
they’ll soon figure out how much you can doactive-18975_1280
and they’re always willing to work with you.

Whether you’re grieving or anxious or sad
in a very short time you won’t feel so bad.
If you’re deeply depressed or just feeling blue
the Go30 programme will be good for you;
and not only that, with its warm atmosphere,
you’ll soon make friends and dispel your fear.

Go30 offers of their own volition
professional advice on good nutrition.
They’ll take a look at your weekly diet;
if they suggest a change, go on and try it;
so go to GO30, go as aften as you can;
in no time at all you’ll be a Go30 fan.

©Jane Paterson Basil



9 thoughts on “Go to Go 30

    1. Yup – I love it there. We have one man; he’s the co-owner, and he sits in the reception, soothing troubled brows like he was born for it. I’m going to ask him what he did for a living before he and his wife opened the gym.

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