Savoury cake


no-one ever seems to make a savoury cake
no matter how often they may bake
looks like it’s gonna be up to me
to initiate some innovative cookery.

mix butter and flour ’til they look like breadcrumbs
keeping it cool, and then the egg comes
out of it’s shell with a dollop of milk
beat it to the smoothness of liquid silk
stir it in to the dried ingredients
(some salt and pepper would be expedient)
throw in grated cheese, herbs and ham
oh what a clever inventer I am
a hundred and eighty should be the right heat
I’m looking forward to this culinary treat

but wait a moment, what’s the reason why
nobody has ever given it a try?
perhaps they have, and it tasted grotesque
I don’t think I want to put it to the test
or not for at least a couple of days
tonight I’ll dine on spaghetti bolognese.

Written for The Daily Post #Cake

©Jane Paterson Basil

12 thoughts on “Savoury cake

    1. Ah well -that saves me the bother.
      I really enjoyed your book, by the way – sorry for not getting back to you about it. I also liked the fact that you tagged on some recipes at the end.
      I wrote a couple of humorous children’s books which were centred around cooking, each with a recipe in. They’re tucked away in my documents somewhere…

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        1. I’d like to pass it on to a friend, but all of my friends are either RAMPANT feminists, and your book would be too pale a shade of blue for them – though it reads like a journey into self-discovery (ie. feminism), or they only read fantasy (nobody’s perfect,) or they don’t read fiction (ok, so some people are TOO perfect), or they have no time to read (others are even a little mad), or they’re too busy reading to their children (accidents happen). I’ll take it to Oxfam. I bestowed a rare honour on your book. We’re very fussy about the condition of our Oxfam books, so I was careful not to fold it back or crease the pages. I’d like it to be passed from hand to hand.

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          1. I’m honored. And just for the record, I’m a fairly rampant feminist myself. I wrote the book for a younger friend going through a breakup and had a sense that it was for a post-feminist generation. The politics are there, but in pale blue.

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            1. Yes, your rampant feminism was written on every page of the book. For me, what really makes it that Abigail shook off her shackles. I have friends who are angered by any history of subservience. They don’t want to remember that once upon a time they were the same, and that it could happen again as soon as some green-eyed ogre comes along, disguised as a prince. I too, am a feminist. When I was nine my father told me I could be the boss of my life. When I was ten I had to wear a bra, and he took to sticking his tongue down my throat.He’d noticed I was only a girl, born to serve. Mixed messages; we all get them, and it makes life confusing. Most of us start off on the wrong foot – as do boys.

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              1. A mixed message if there ever was one.

                I see what you’re saying about people not wanting to be reminded of the bad old days–and especially that they’re still very much the present day in some lives. If only turning away would make it go away, we’d have won the battle and the war by now.

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                1. Maybe you’re right, but it’s a big old war, and it’s a big old world. Never mind countries like Africa and India – even if we captured the Northern and Middles States of America, the South would be pretty tough, and the UK is too drunk, stoned and disempowered to chnage a lightbulb, let alone embrace women’s rights. The government has even managed to chuck out human rights.
                  I’m getting negative – tell me to shut up.

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  1. I think the problem is inherent in the term ‘cake’ – we all expect cakes to be sweet, so it would be the equivalent of a Blumenthal’esque experience (like eg his bacon icecream) to eat a savoury one 🙂

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    1. We enjoy both sweet and savoury breads and scones (or biscuits, as they say in the US), and cakes are only a step removed from scones. It must have been done before. I’ll try it one of these days. I’ll have it with gravy, or a sauce.

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