3 Quotes 3 Day Challenge Day 1

Thank you  for nominating me for this challenge. It’s a clever way to get my mind on happier subjects than thosewhich have been going around my head over the past couple of weeks.

Here is my entry for day one:


My nominees for today are three amazing women with outstanding blogs – I recommend you check them out:




Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quote for three days. 2.Three nominees each day(no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you. 4.Inform the nominees.


17 thoughts on “3 Quotes 3 Day Challenge Day 1

  1. It’s a difficult but important phrase so many people struggle with. You have to let go of your prejudices. It reminds me of a Susan Sarandon movie ‘Dead Man Walking’ where she was a companion to someone on death row. I struggled with him being allowed his human rights and questioned my own prejudices.

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  2. That is a powerful quote, one that calls for a deep reflection. People want to forget about the subject of human rights once they are dealing with others in a rush of stereotyping, ethnocentrism,transphobia, prejudices, cisnormativity, bigotry and other biases.Despite the occasions of it being misused or being a misnomer, we still need to ask ourselves that questions: “What are we as a people without human rights?” The answer is that we are no longer a people, we are no longer humans without human rights.
    Thanks for sharing!

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