14 thoughts on “A sudden desire

          1. I’ll be there shortly… old is gold… and one doesn’t become old by age… aging is a mental process….when I was getting married, I asked my father, if he felt old… he said when my younger did gets married then he’ll think about it. She’s 3 yrs younger to me… then when she got married I repeated my question. He said… when I have kids… I had two beautiful kids… after 3 yrs I again asked.. he replied… after my did sister has kids… she went on to have 2 herself in a span of 3 yrs… I repeated my question… he said he hadn’t thought about it. He’ll wait till they enter college…. now my daughter is about to pass out form college… I asked him last time… he said wait…. your sister’s kids are still in school😂😂😂 He’s 80 now and still full of life…

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            1. He sounds like a lively, interesting man.
              When my aunt was in her seventies her health, which had always been good, suddenly deteriorated due to a mysterious virus. She aged suddenly, and became quite infirm. One day she said to me “I waited for many years to grow up. I thought it was something that happened overnight, and I’d recognise it, but it never did, so how have I grown old without ever reaching adulthood?”
              I now know what she meant.

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    1. It was written and released by David and Jonathan (Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook) and hit the Australian charts in 1967. Congregation covered it in the UK in 1971. Maybe it never reached the US.
      I didn’t know about the original version until tonight – going to have to search for it on YouTube…

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