Daily Archives: September 26, 2016

The power of my brain

I tried to keep it peaceful
when you stabbed me in the back;
but you rose up and hit me
with a secondary attack.

So now I face a battle
that I can only win;
and you’ll be sorely punished
for your most recent sin.

because you cast the first two stones,
it’s me who gets to choose
what design of weapon
I would like to use.

Should I shoot you with a gun,
or cut you with a blade?
Should I drown you, garotte you,
or with a pillow suffocate?

Should I kick you from a rooftop
or push you from a plane?
Should I tie you to a railroad
to meet the noontime train?

Should I chop you and drop you
into an acid bath?
Should I relieve you of your life,
to avenge my seething wrath?

It’s not much of a dilemma,
as the truth is plain to see;
even when I’m broken,
you’re no match for me.

No, I don’t need to touch you;
I’m clever, you’re insane.
I can win this battle
with the power of my brain.

The Daily Post #Dilemma

©Jane Paterson Basil