The power of my brain

I tried to keep it peaceful
when you stabbed me in the back;
but you rose up and hit me
with a secondary attack.

So now I face a battle
that I can only win;
and you’ll be sorely punished
for your most recent sin.

because you cast the first two stones,
it’s me who gets to choose
what design of weapon
I would like to use.

Should I shoot you with a gun,
or cut you with a blade?
Should I drown you, garotte you,
or with a pillow suffocate?

Should I kick you from a rooftop
or push you from a plane?
Should I tie you to a railroad
to meet the noontime train?

Should I chop you and drop you
into an acid bath?
Should I relieve you of your life,
to avenge my seething wrath?

It’s not much of a dilemma,
as the truth is plain to see;
even when I’m broken,
you’re no match for me.

No, I don’t need to touch you;
I’m clever, you’re insane.
I can win this battle
with the power of my brain.

The Daily Post #Dilemma

Β©Jane Paterson Basil


54 thoughts on “The power of my brain

    1. I’d never use violence against another woman. This particular woman is a bully who’s got away with it all her life, because people are afraid of her, and I’m a nice person until crossed. She’s behaved shockingly towards me, and she won’t get away with it this time.

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  1. Now I can sleep… I was waiting for your post… didn’t want to miss it for anything😍.
    The best way to get your revenge is treat her like a nonentity… IGNORE to the point as if she doesn’t exist. Look through her.. that’s sure to kill her… bully’s thrive on attention. Take that one thing away from her and you have her where you want her.

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    1. I’ll be doing all of that – but behind the scenes I’m taking action. For years she’s bullied the vulnerable people where I live. No-one has ever had the courage to stand up to her. The supervisor is desperate to get her out.
      I’ve been asked to make a note of every false move she makes towards me. I don’t want any more of my neighbours to suffer at her hands.

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      1. Good…. you I also love by one simple principle… one, I don’t finger anyone… two, if anyone chooses to finger me…then I break that finger and shove it back into the person’s mouth. Knowing my short fuse towards injustice, I give my opponent many chances but Once my patience is up…. god save them…

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    1. It took me 38 years – but then, as far as know she never did anything to me before now, though I expect she was throwing around lies and rumours all that time. Coming inthe wake of me having to cut off my son, this has been traumatic, but it’s a good thing. I never liked her, and couldn’t understand why she pushed her way into my life.

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      1. some people make up for the lack of their own lives by living others for them. they are like parasite or soul-leachers as the fantasy books would call them. and when you dont let them keep their foot in the door, they try to drill their way through. extermination is the only way to deal with worms etc.

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    1. Makes me sound like something special, but I’m not – my opponant scares people into submission, but she’s remarkably stupid. She’s used the same tactics for years, and they no longer work. Also, now people have seen me stand up to her, they want to do the same.


                    1. This is only temporary. I was going to ask to be rehoused, but the supervisor feels I have more protection against my children in that building. she’s right – and now I’ve got over my Yasmin-induced paranoia about the neighbours I want to stay.

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                    2. It’s better than nothing – and our supervisor’s on her tail. She’s sick of the situation. She must be upset about the result. When I saw her earlier she seemed hopeful – oh, and she asked me for a copy of ‘Thanks a lot Yasmin,’ my poem – which I rather naughtily read out to her yesterday πŸ™‚
                      She said I’d got Yasmin to a T, and she wanted to show it to her friend. We’re bad women πŸ™‚

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    1. Mwwwaaaaa…
      Months ago, apropos of something else, I told her that it wasn’t a good idea to cross me as long as we were living in this place. She doesn’t stand a chance. If it came to fisticuffs I’d win hands down, but I don’t advocate violence, so I’ve chosen intelligence as a weapon; sadly for her, she’s not very bright πŸ™‚

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        1. This woman threatened to “punch my lights out.” Even in my current state she wouldn’t have stood a chance. I’m naturally strong, I work out, and I’m a monster when I get angry. I had to stop myself from saying “Come on then.” Not that she would have left the safety of her flat – she prefers hanging out of the window and shouting like a fishwife πŸ™‚

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                  1. if only all the viciousness in people could be attributed to some mental disorder, the world could be so easily explained. she’s a plain meanie. maybe it’s her sad childhood or crashed dreams or hopeless children that drove her to her insanity. the point is that she has crossed the border and made her home. expect the unexpected.

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                    1. Her childhood wasn’t sad, her dreams weren’t crashed and she was an unsympathetic, selfish parent. She’s predictable. She’ll make up lies about me to anyone who’ll listen. Few people will. They close off their ears when they see her coming πŸ™‚

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                    2. I’m afraid she’s not a noble foe. Her tactics are crude – though I think one of them has been g=to creep around trying to mother my errant son, so he’ll think less of me, and become even more damaged and damaging. Hopefully he’ll rob her – that’s his usual tactic if he gets the opportunity, and she can’t say she wasn’t warned.

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                    3. Went around telling the neighbours she thought I was doing drugs. She knows about my kids, she knows how I feel and whe knows I wouldn’t do drugs. I didn’t get nasty with her – she became furious when she found out I knew she’d been telling those lies.
                      I wrote a poem about her, after I found out what she’s been saying, but before she became openly nasty.

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