For Jane

I have to reblog this – not because it’s written for me – although I’m proud to see my name on the title, and not because it’s written by a friend – although his support and friendship means more to me than I can say; but because it is the best poem I have ever read on this subject.


14 thoughts on “For Jane

    1. It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it – although I’m wondering if it gives the impression that I’m the addict.
      I don’t mind my readers getting the wrong idea if it turns just one vulnerable person away from that lethal path.

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  1. I am so pleased you put the poem
    on Making it write.
    I decided with this poem I was not
    going to pull any punches.
    No innuendos.
    This was straight down the line Jane.

    But you are so right.
    It comes across as though I’m talking
    about you.
    I’m so sorry.

    This is dedicated to Jane.
    Not about Jane. ☺️

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    1. Please, no apology is necessary.
      I noticed that when I read it, and it doesn’t matter.
      Your words are what is important.
      I wanted to reblog on Mothering Addicts, but it wouldn’t let me after I’d reblogged on Making it Write.


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