Going solo


Dan and Ann were keen on writing reams of rhymes in tandem;
Dan accepted challenges both obvious and random:
So when the one word prompt ‘Unfinished’ came to hand,
He suggested they should pen a funny poem without an end.

But Ann was feeling angry; said she had a bad headache;
She told Dan not to be “so self-obsessed for goodness sake,
I’m sick and tired of writing silly rhymes, you foolish man.”
Then Dan determined he would write his poem without Ann.

He muttered and he mumbled, ’till the steam came from Ann’s ears,
She nimbly kicked him from the house, dispite protests and tears.
Poor Dan he felt dismembered by this sudden turnabout;
No more within he had to pen a funny poem without.

Upset by this unhappy state, poor Dan became unstuck.
He scratched his empty, vacant head; but what a bit of luck;
A ten ton truck lost all control and drove right through his home,
Squashing Ann but bringing inspiration to his poem.

Now angry, aching Ann is sadly buried without trace,
But if you look at Dan you’ll see a smile across his face;
He’s published his short ode, that resourceful little man,
In five words; thus:


by Dan
lacking …

The Daily Post #Unfinished

©Jane Paterson Basil

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