Daily Archives: September 28, 2016

Your sick spirit


did you think
your words had smashed me?
did you really think you’d mastered the skill?
did you?
I must disagree

if you had any intelligence
a pale trace of intuition
or the vision to see beyond your warped mirror
you would know
I was already broken

your smoky, errant wind disturbed the air
just a smidgeon
shifting, dislodging the shattered bits of me
stealing their tenuous balance
causing my feelings to crash noisily around your feet
but it was a softer landing than you imagine
it was the work of a weekend
to mend the marks you wrought on my soft tissue

as for you
will your sick spirit ever heal ?

The Daily Post #Disagree

My apologies for returning to this tired subject – the prompt prompted me 🙂

©Jane Paterson Basil