Making it real


at the start
the laughter was a facade
a false face
to cover up the hurt
but it would rise until I could not contain it
pumping up through my chest
thinly contained in generous bubbles
soon to break in the freedom of the atmosphere

opening my larynx in its hysterical longing
to be heard

and then bursting away

shattering the dark present
hurling it into the past
or into some future
that was not yet my concern

making me well for precious minutes

The Daily Post #Facade

ยฉJane Paterson Basil

30 thoughts on “Making it real

            1. I feel a lot better now, which is a good thing, because it looks like one of my friends is going to drag me out to the moors for a long walk tomorrow.
              Pity I’m exhausted, and if I walk for more than three minutes I’m drenched in sweat, even if it’s cold outside. I don’t know what that’s about…

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                1. I don’t want to go – but Linda always thinks she knows best.
                  I went to the gym a couple of days ago and they sent me straight home (after prising my hands from the exercise bike:) ). I think they know what’s best for me.

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                    1. It’s funny; friends who’ve known me for years, and seen my deterioration, have no idea what I’m about, and yet you and a handful of others on the blogosphere, who’ve never clapped eyes on me, totally get it.
                      No-one’s taking me anywhere. They wouldn’t even be able to get me out the door after the morning I’ve had.

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      1. I think spellcheck has a great sense of humour. I have a brother called Angus. When I type in his name I get ‘bogus.’ When I type ‘mum’ I get nun – it’s not hard to spot the difference between a mum and a nun – and why would spellcheck go for the leass usual word, unless it’s a joke ๐Ÿ™‚

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