Damn your eyes


I don’t miss your inane conversation,
or the way you make me wait to spit out each short sentence,
which you rarely let me finish in your impatience
to tell me the next pointless thing;
I don’t miss your inadequate wit,
which insults my ethics with its short-sighted prejudice;
I don’t miss your self-obsessed assumption that I will be interested
in your irritating and unwholesome hobbies

if you had the intelligence to pay the slightest attention
you would have wondered at my fascination for one
so limited in every way.

It’s your eyes, damn it;
I miss your eyes,
which said such different things
than those futile words which spilled from your lips.

ยฉJane Paterson Basil


25 thoughts on “Damn your eyes

                    1. You must have very strong thoughts that penetrated the minds of the local Health and Safety Executive. Any thoughts you’d like to push into the mind of Teresa May at the moment? I can think of a few …

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                    2. I think she’d recognise subversive socialist thoughts as soon as they entered her head. It’s the words like fairness, equality and why don’t you throw yourself off a high bridge so that the unemployed and dispossessed of this country can stop feeling they have to, that would give the game away.

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                    3. True. Anyway, the Conservatives probably have some high tech devise implanted in her hair (perhaps it IS her hair) to ward off such thoughts. The last thing they want is their PM absorbing empathy or compassion from the ether

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