I was
vigilant, ever waiting
for each freshly dreamed sign
of approaching breakthrough which may restore your life
and you, forever the trickster
ripped my hopes
to shreds

Daily Post #Breakthrough

©Jane Paterson Basil


18 thoughts on “Vigilant

    1. I avoided Paul for 10 days – which felt like a month; ignored his calls, didn’t answer the door in case it was him – I’d warned him this would happen. He rang me on an unknown number when I got back from the waterfall, and again last night. He’s as convincing as ever, and this time he has a new story, which he seems to believe. I was coming to terms with his absence, but now I feel him crawling through the cracks again. Light isn’t all that gets in through them.

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          1. It’s a simple Reiki tool. You intent that a mirror be placed in front of you (I would put myself inside a mirror ball) so that any negative energies that are sent your way bounce back to source of their origin. This way you are protecting your energy field from being impacted by other peoples’ stuff. Done with love – ‘this is not mine, you have it back, it is yours.’ Regardless of whether the other/s know doesn’t matter. It will have an impact. THe hope being that it will eventually stop……..

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        1. I’ll make sure he doesn’t get into my flat – the supervisor here knows that the police have advised me to call them if he turns up – and if I agree to meet him, I’ll leave my money and bank card behind. Although I think he’s ok for money, and also clean, I can’t be sure.
          Maybe my refusal to engage with him has shifted something, but only time will tell.

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