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Refugee Camp


if I were more daring I’d be out in Greece
working in a camp to help the refugees
but as I am a coward I stay at home instead
tapping on my laptop; sleeping late in bed

This isn’t quite accurate, but I hope you’ll allow me some poetic licence; I’ve been asked to go and work in a refugee camp, but,  because of commitments at home, I’m not currently in a position to do so.

It’s frustrating.

The Daily Post #Daring

©Jane Paterson Basil




A woman in her forties has died from sepsis after being scratched by a garden plant.

This tragic mishap has reduced her to a sensational news story for readers to shake their heads over, before reading the latest gossip on Kim Kardashian. No doubt sales of antiseptic cream will go up and doctors will receive a flurry of calls about minor skin injuries.

Few people will look at the case wholistically and ask themselves why her immune system was so deficient. It could be for a number of reasons, but one that comes to mind is this; we live in a world piled high with modern pollutants and many of these pollutants are designed to kill bacteria. Antibiotics, disinfectants and antiseptics can be life-saving; they all kill baddies – but they kill goodies too. They prevent the body from carrying out its own zapping, and should be used only when essential.

The healthy body is an ingenious piece of equipment. Given the opportunity, it can design its own protection from a large range of ailments. It learns from experience and practice, just as we learn to read and write; to draw and paint; to plan and construct. If that learning opportunity is taken away from it during childhood, it hasn’t a chance in hell of later defending itself against the plethota of illnesses and attacks we are all prone to.

I know nothing of the history of the woman who inspired this post.  As I mentioned, there could have been a number of reasons why her body was unable to fight off sepsis. I offer sincere condolences to her grieving family and friends.

©Jane Paterson Basil