A woman in her forties has died from sepsis after being scratched by a garden plant.

This tragic mishap has reduced her to a sensational news story for readers to shake their heads over, before reading the latest gossip on Kim Kardashian. No doubt sales of antiseptic cream will go up and doctors will receive a flurry of calls about minor skin injuries.

Few people will look at the case wholistically and ask themselves why her immune system was so deficient. It could be for a number of reasons, but one that comes to mind is this; we live in a world piled high with modern pollutants and many of these pollutants are designed to kill bacteria. Antibiotics, disinfectants and antiseptics can be life-saving; they all kill baddies – but they kill goodies too. They prevent the body from carrying out its own zapping, and should be used only when essential.

The healthy body is an ingenious piece of equipment. Given the opportunity, it can design its own protection from a large range of ailments. It learns from experience and practice, just as we learn to read and write; to draw and paint; to plan and construct. If that learning opportunity is taken away from it during childhood, it hasn’t a chance in hell of later defending itself against the plethota of illnesses and attacks we are all prone to.

I know nothing of the history of the woman who inspired this post.  As I mentioned, there could have been a number of reasons why her body was unable to fight off sepsis. I offer sincere condolences to her grieving family and friends.

©Jane Paterson Basil


16 thoughts on “Self-defence

  1. 21st C “man” lives an almost completely artificial life, with nature remaining where it was put from the beginning of the Iron Age: as the enemy of man to be cursed, conquered, decimated, raped and destroyed. It’s no wonder then that the natural immune system designed to protect and heal a natural body can no longer function. Religion replaced nature with insane rituals, then science upped the ante with drugs and chemicals too numerous to mention and whose names no one can pronounce or understand. Highly profitable hocus pocus in both cases. Millions of people died expecting divine miracles or at the hands of quacks while natural healers were being burned at the stake. Now millions more die from drugs and vaccines that basically serve no purpose or are specifically designed to increase dependency on more of same. The stats are all available to anyone who cares to know, but people are sheep, and sheep will bleat for the shepherd to provide easy pasture and protection from the storm and predators in man-made shelters until the sheep can no longer survive in a natural state. There is a quote paraphrased here: It is the shepherd’s job to promote the idea to the sheep that his and their goals are the same. Of course nothing could be further from the truth: the shepherd feeds and protects the sheep so they can be fleeced and butchered. A bit off topic at the end here, but you can see how I arrived at the conclusion. The deadliest (and highly questionable in terms of efficacily) people use on plants is called “Roundup” by Monsatan (deliberate spelling). This substance should be banned and those who sell it should be jailed for crimes against humanity and the environment. But who cares?


  2. We thought we’d managed to get Roundup banned in the UK – back in late spring of this year, but Mansatan (that’s a good name, so I’ll stick with it, along with Mcdirty’s) wriggled out of that one. Let’s not forget that they’re also responsible for the disgusting crime of GM crops, which are an unstoppable disease.
    I’m curious – where do you live?


    1. Hi Jane (thought I’d make this into a formal intro 🙂 Briefly, I’m a Breton, born in Brittany, France. Kidnapped by my parents to northern Canada at age 5, I was raised in the northern Peace River country (northern Alberta) and moved to southern British Columbia at 16, where I’m now. It’s nice country here, in the Lower Mainland, 60 miles from the port city of Vancouver, and the “ocean” (salty, but not actually open with all those islands in Juan de Fuca Straight). We’re kind of tucked under the frowning brow of the Coast Mountains and because our area is designated flood plain, it remains somewhat mostly agricultural, but that’s agri business – mega factory farms that create tons of processed “food” for the cities of the world. Our rivers are turning into cesspools, sewers and dead zones. Because of its size the Fraser manages to remain quasi-clean though few people except myself and probably the native peoples, drink its water. I have a belief that has stood the test of time, that an immune system needs to be tested regularly, that a bit of ‘poison’ even if it makes one a bit sick, is what the system needs to regulate itself and evolve to counter the rising tide of poisons which cause so much (unaware!) grief, keeping Big Pharma in mega bucks and the local medical mafia well provided with million dollar homes, golf club memberships and fancy cars. But I digress – check it out: Chilliwack, B.C, Canada, and if you check out 45741 Berkeley Ave., you will see my house, with the Hope river at the back. If you follow that west for a couple of miles you come to the Fraser… my real world when in my kayak or riding its meandering dykes on my mountain bike. Life here is good for some, maybe too good I think sometimes. Sometimes I wish I had something worth offering to help in harsh places but the good I “need” to do, I do right here, where I know the terrain, so to speak.

      My turn: where do you live, in relation to, say, “the big island” that is? I’ve read some names but they didn’t mean anything and time constraints don’t allow much “googling” for info.

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      1. I found it – it looks lovely; quiet and backed by nature. I live in a flat in Medard House, Barnstaple, Devon. When I returned from my 6 months in the woods I was homeless and took the first place I could get. I don’t belong in town, but I have good views from my top-floor flat, and it’s close to the homes of my two oldest daughters. I would rather live at Filleigh, Barnstaple; where I spent my teens and early 20s. It’s a sprawling village 9 miles from where I live – all fields and trees. However, my true home is 1 Haven Cottages, Stowford, Chittlehampton, Barnstaple – the most beautiful place I know, where I spent my childhood.
        Too much information?


        1. Never too much information! Nice country too, and so close to the coast as are those other places you mention, all quite close to each other. When I lived in the Canadian north I thought I was going to die, having no access to the sea, to salt water. At least here it’s within reach. Thanks for that “trip” into your world, take good care o’ you!

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  3. I wonder how my kids survived the evil bacteria that must have tap-danced on every surface they touched in those far-off days before anti-bacterial household cleaners! There’s a theory (don’t know if it’s proved yet) that says the rise in childhood allergies is related to the modern obsession for anti-bacterial everything, leaving their immune systems with nothing to fight but themselves.

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  4. It’s not just a theory. I have read and listened to stuff that warns people not to be too conscientious about cleanliness. Too much hygiene and sterility does not help the immune system develop and do its job! Besides, all those cleaners are so full of chemical crap that no wonder people get sick !!

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    1. It’s the theory that the immune system “eats itself” which interests me. It suggests something beyond what we know about sterility destroying the immune system by (a) killing off the good bacteria, and (b) preventing the body from building customised protection against attackers.
      If I need antibacterial/antiseptics I use tea tree, bergamot, lavender eucalyptus, etc., as I’m sure you do. Everyone says how lovely my flat smells. Few of them recognise the scents, because they use synthetics.

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