Hairy legs


comely green eyes gazed into mine
reavealing his deepest desires
eyes that could hold entire conversations
even while the lips dripped drivel

I read the language of those eyes
the plea
please love me, they cried

the promises
I’d scatter flowers for you, build towering castles in your name,
it would be a passionate game of love that only two can play
me and you, side by side, day by day…
we could be a team, I’d buy you icecream, life would be a dream…

you get the scene

and the questions
wouldn’t I like the company, a helpmate, soulmate, best mate,
a man to to rely on, a shoulder to cry on
a warm companion in my bed
why won’t I try
to be half of a duo instead

I smiled at the cliched phrases written in his eyes

I’ll tell you why, I said
I’m not inclined to shave my legs

©Jane Paterson Basil

24 thoughts on “Hairy legs

  1. Haha! Me neither. Occassionally in the summer, when it’s so hot I’m forced to wear a skirt, I’ll treat the world to my hairless legs, but hardly ever.
    During the cold months of the year I refer to it as my ‘Winter Plumage’ 🙂

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    1. We all need a bit of fur to keep us warm throughout the chilly season 🙂
      The only people who have ever seen my legs are now either dead or in their dotage. That sounds like a joke, but it’s almost true. I never show any leg, even on the beach. They’re not mine to display, if you recall 🙂

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      1. Yes, of course – you have no right to show what doen’t belong to you! On the rare occasion I get mine out, I do get comments – ‘ooh you have ankles then’ etc, which doesn’t exactly encourage me to flash them. Anyway my ankles are weirdly skinny, just like my wrists – I can’t wear bracelets cos they fall off all the time. Maybe they belong to someone else too … 🙂

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    1. Yeah! Hairiness rules! I keep mine plaited so it doesn’t tangle, and for special occasions I undo the plaits, and it’s lovely and wavey. I colour it to match my outfit – my favourite colour is spring green. For that special man I dye it pillarbox red, straighten it, and stand on my head to put on my sexy black stockings, then when I’m back on my feet my beautiful long leg locks drape over the stocking tops.
      I find it very effective for keeping that special man away. 🙂
      Seriously, I never, ever, shave my legs. I refuse to conform to rules that were set by, or for men. I clean my hair and skin and use moisturiser to protect it, and I mix essential oils for perfume because I like the smell. That’s as far as I go, and it’s for me.

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      1. What a unique look that must be! I’m trying to imagine it, but finding it a bit challenging 🙂
        I gave up shaving decades ago after I shredded my legs a few times! ANd as for underarms – I get a horrid rash so that’s gone too. Ageing is taking care of most of the hairs

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