Hidden behind your face


writer beware
those conscientious efforts
to smooth the rough surface of your psyche
may fail

the mind is a subversive muscle
given the break
it will envelope your words
stain them dirty shades of grey
place creased and faded images of
abandoned arachnid dinners
rotting in aged cobwebs
on each fresh page
and in a pitch set perfectly for diligent readers
it will scream those secrets
hidden behind your face

so writer beware
be careful what you say
the mind may do all of these things
but maybe
that is your deepest wish

The Daily Post #Careful

©Jane Paterson Basil

24 thoughts on “Hidden behind your face

      1. Apparently it’s really important to get it right if you want search engines to attract traffic to your posts. WP does a lot of the SEO stuff for us already automatically so I suppose in that respect it’s not crucial.
        I post weekly to BayArt and they have this really cool tool in the Dashboard called YOAST which analyses the content of your post for SEO and Readability with suggestions and tips on how to improve. I spent half a day today reworking an old post following their suggestions. Go to this link for more info -https://yoast.com/complete-guide-seo-copywriting/
        In a studying mood I guess 🙂

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                1. There’s more: I want to connect, both with people who have similar interests and life experiences to me, and with people of different cultures and life experiences, who can teach me, and learn things from me.
                  This blogging lark is great 🙂

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                  1. Isn’t it just – I have to go and start on mine now ! I’m thinking that while we’re on our first roadtrip in a week and a bit will be a good time. TRH does all the driving, so as long as I don’t get car sick I could be working on my SEO stuff ! We’ll be away for 2 weeks, with some long distances to drive. ‘Tis a big country we live in.

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                    1. Well, in between loo and photo stops. And listening to audio books, music and napping……We’re travelling to Marc’s graduation and turning it into a holiday at the same time. Leave Sun week.

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                    2. Adelaide to Melb is 727 km. Adelaide to Wagga Wagga where the basic training and graduation is taking place is 917 km. Wagga wagga to Paynesville where my sister lives is 470 km. From there to Adelaide along the ocean road is 1200km. We won’t be going to Melbourne though. Got a lot of driving ahead of us 🙂

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