Daily Archives: October 11, 2016



I’m always proudly saying that I ain’t a lady;
using common phrasing to accentuate my case.
my inverted snobbery precludes accepting charity,
but includes buying products from second-hand shops.
a foodmarket foray finds me tracking down the labels
saying BOGOF, half price, got to go today,
but still I am careful, mustn’t be too wasteful;
don’t want to find myself throwing food away.
I never buy newspapers, new toys, war paint;
they serve little purpose and they clutter up my space.
you could call me cheapskate, pennypincher, skinflint,
and it may be true but I’m not devoid of taste;
most of my possessions are of sovereign quality;
I shop with care so not a penny goes to waste.
It’s not that I am clever;  I don’t claim to be original,
there are plenty of others who shop in this way.
the ecology’s in trouble, and I dispise the economy,
so I heartily hope these numbers grow every day.

The Daily Post #Original