Perfect harmony


If coca cola had taught the
world to sing in perfect harmony
where would their business be?

while its employees
were joining hands and singing along
who would make or drink their poison?

©Jane Paterson Basil

14 thoughts on “Perfect harmony

  1. Hey, wait a doggone minute here… 🙂 I was a Coca Cola employee for 42.5 years: life sentence, no parole I used to say. You are so right. Hated the corporates, but I had great customers and that made all the difference. I often said it at meetings, “I don’t work for you, I work for those people out there who make it possible for you to have a job.” But to the “on the street” people who complained about the product (I was in the public vending part) I would say, “Hey, no one’s twisting your arm to buy this s**t. At least in this you have a completely free choice! Exercise just a bit of self-discipline, teach your kids the same and if you catch on and I end up with no job because of it, I’ll find something else to do and be that much prouder of being part of the human race.” But I never ran out of work, so what does that say about people? Sheep.

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    1. I don’t understand its popularity – I’m careful not to down gallons of a liquid which cleans coins so efficiently. ( I’m just pausing for a mo., to pour myself a glass of white spirit).
      I read a novel about coke. They’d added an extra ingredient which made it more addictive, not knowing it was deadly poisonous, and everybody in the world ended up dead, waiting in some kind of a holding place to go to the next stage – heaven or hell, or whatever. I enjoyed it.


      1. … and I bet they only served Pepsi there… 🙂 Yes, it’s chemically treated to become addictive. The worst is diet Coke though. You know, of course, they do the same to cigarettes? Want a good laugh, watch “Thank you for Smoking”

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    1. Apparently it was removed in 1903. The first time I ever drank it was on school trip to the zoo. I was nine. My brother bought some – we’d never seen it before. We drank a large bottle beween us, and got high as kites. I don’t think cafeine products should be sold to children.

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      1. No – there is loads of caffeine in the sports drinks and other trendy ones. The alcoholic trendies, when mixed with the caffeine ones are really dangerous. There have been cases here, particularly when they first hit the market, where kids got really sick and if I recall some even died

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