Those promises


those loving promises
shaped by shy lips
lightly brushing the ear
with caressing sigh
weaving a dry melody

those loving promises
conveyed through eyes
glittering with unfulfilled desire
their fire hidden
behind a tiny fear

those loving promises
pressed into my aquiescant flesh
giving your firm body confidence
finally making you believe
you had won my love

those promises so truly given

I regret that for me
it was merely a pleasant game of
sensuous interplay
ending in physical gratification

it should have mattered
that you were more than a mechanical toy
to be switched on with a click
and quickly discarded

you were so much better than that

did I hear the rip of your heart splitting?
but I was more interested in the promising blue eyed thing
swinging into view

I smiled at him, never guessing
he was my retribution

The Daily Post #Promises

©Jane Paterson Basil

23 thoughts on “Those promises

  1. Was that a note of Karma coming to bite your narrator on the backside? Hard to judge, though sometimes, who wants what from a relationship, who is willing to invest time and effort and so often we find it hard to ask those important questions.
    Sensuous, beautiful and heartfelt, Jane

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    1. Heartfelt, yes. Karma, yes. Regrets, I’ve had a few – beginning with the blue-eyed monster (they weren’t really blue).
      It was over 30 years ago, but the repercussions are never-ending. It’s OK, though – all part of life’s rich sluury pit.

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    1. I twisted the truth. What really happened was that I married a good man (OK – this is shameful) to get away from the man who I loved, because he was married to someone else by this time. My husband and I had two children, then the marriage broke down. We weren’t suited – he had communication issues, but I knew that when I married him – and I was not mature enough to deal with the irritation. I left him for a monster who systematically destroyed my self-confidence, so I felt unable to get away. I had two children by him, and he used them to further damage me. In doing so, he damaged them – those two children are both heroin addicts. It was 19 years before I finally escaped him. I was stronger than most, but I fell foul of it.
      Women like me don’t stay because they want to. They stay because they’re so broken they can’t leave.
      Often nobody believes what they say about their husbands because “he’s such a nice man.” When the wife leaves they think she should return, and when she tries to explain they don’t believe her.
      I meant to write a post about this, because women such as me get bad press, but I can’t publish the whole story because there are people who need to be protected from it.

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      1. I have only heard that horror stories such as these exist. I have lived a comparatively safe and sheltered life. Of course there are issues, who doesn’t have. But your life is actually out of the movies for me. We were all created in His image. What image is that??!!

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  2. That’s one helluva skeleton to pull out! Your life story never ceases to amaze me. Resilience, bravery, courage – seem trite words to describe what you have been through. It makes the name of your blog even more right. And that image – it’s so striking !

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