you trussed me like a goose to this old bedfame
you told me a lie, said it’s a just a game
twenty hours later, I’m still tightly trussed
feeling like my bladder is about to bust
I’ve tried to work loose, but no can do
it makes me wonder, why did I trust you?

The Daily Post #Trust

©Jane Paterson Basil

30 thoughts on “Trussed

      1. I noticed you are taking more chances with your writing and I love it. You are very brave. I still have a lot of catching up to do but I will eventually read everything because you are an amazing writer and an inspiration.

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        1. Thank you for those generous words. It’s comments like that which have helped me to grow.
          It’s more a matter of trust than bravery. (funny that should come up under this post :). I love and trust the WP community. If I occasionally slip up and go a little too far, I trust I’ll be forgiven. It’s a wonderful feeling. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before, except with my mother.

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        1. I know a ‘slave’ (a willing victim of dominatrices). He described a few things and showed me pics – before you ask, no, I DIDN’T request to see or hear – UGH!
          did you know a Dominatrix expects payment for her services?
          He joined a choir, and I thought the singing was weaning him off his, um … habits, but last week he shoved his phone in my face, and there was a photo of a buxom wench, with the legend ‘ Mistress Envy’ beneath it. “I’m meeting her on Saturday”, he said, proudly…
          It’s very sad. I think it’s an illness.

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          1. As I say, consenting adults, though it does make you wonder if some folk need to be tested to see if they’re fit to give consent. How delightful of him to keep showing you his pics – and I thought having to sit through other people’s holiday photos was bad 🙂

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