You ask

You ask how much I need you, but I explained;
I wish you had more sense in your tiny bird brain.
You ask how much I love you; I told you before,
You irritate my senses, you foolish old bore.

Hold the train, I won’t be a mo.
Hold the train, can’t you see I want to go.

You ask that same old question, did you mis-hear;
I’d love you to syringe all the wax from your ear.
You ask how much I need you, I’ll tell you true,
Until the twelfth of never I’ll not be wanting you.

Hold the train, I will not be long.
Here’s the train, release my arm and I’ll be gone.

You ask that same old question, did you mis-hear;
I’d love you to syringe all the wax from your ear.
You ask how much I need you, I’ll tell you true,
Until the twelfth of never I’ll not be wanting you.

I offer my almost sincere apologies to Jerry Livingston and Paul Francis Webster, who wrote The Twelfth of Never.

Unfortunately, the following video only shows Johnny Mathis singing the original version, as I haven’t yet persuaded him to record my lyrics. However, it’s really rather good, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

The Daily Post #Tiny

©Jane Paterson Basil

50 thoughts on “You ask

      1. Sometimes! And as soon as we get the first snow on the mountain, Christmas music is fair game. We’ve already had our first snow! “Merry Christmas — Johnny Mathis” is the one I have. I think it’s the first Christmas album he ever did. There are others.

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        1. Snow already?
          I’m not keen on Christmas songs, but then, I don’t like Christmas – although I like ‘Fairytale of New York’ by The Pogues, which doesn’t sound Christmassy. I love it so much that I pine for it throughout the year.

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              1. I’ve written something. Honestly, I’m sort of overwhelmed by the sheer mass of people and not being able to find my way back to comments I’d made in the discussions. I’ve started having a lot of pvc’s again, pretty sure from the stress. Drollery wants me to not do it. I don’t know what to do.

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                1. The answer is to only do it if you are enjoying it, and think more good will come from it than harm.
                  It sounds to me as if you should scrap it.
                  I don’t like the navigation tools on that site. I can’t find a list of the writers I’m following.

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                  1. I was hoping to pick up some pointers on Claire’s character in Glencara’s Bane, but turns out the stuff in the videos so far is stuff I’ve read in dozens of books over the years. Hasn’t been too helpful.

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                    1. In that case, you probably have all the knowledge you need. It sounds like the course is doing you more harm than good.
                      I’m on it because after a lifetime of writing, I thought it was time to find out how it’s meant to be done :).

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                    1. And nn another note, I could not find any constructive comments to give you that would improve your writing. I notice you’ve had quite a few comments. Surely that tells you something ?!

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                    2. I’ve been stunned by the content of my comments. How could that first submission have been so good that not one person could fault it? As for the second one, I knew where its weaknesses lay, but, for my own reasons, I chose to leave it.
                      Who would waste a generous gift such as this, by giving it to me?
                      I think I need to finish the course, in case it has something to teach me which I don’t instinctively know. Then I should write that novel. I owe it to myself.

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                    3. Don’t leave me all alone – I may get eaten by a bear. I hear something rustling in the bushes…
                      Seriously though – I don’t blame you. When I looked at the third assignment, I was tempted to jack it in. I don’t know whether it’s hard, or if I’ve just run out of steam, but I can’t get a picture in my head of the scene I want to write about.

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                    4. I’m not planning on leaving it at all. Travel is the thing that is limiting me, so I haven’t done much yet at all with #3 other than copy the outline and links to Word. Haven’t listened to the video. Skimmed the #3 assignment and thought OMG – and have left it permeate in the background somewhere….

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