30 thoughts on “Derelict #tanka

              1. and feel sorry for half of the English who are lumped with them. We’ve still got a chance of another referendum. Would that even be better? Who knows how it’ll turn out. I was just getting over the shock of Tories getting back in – then we left the EU. The Trump thing terrifies me. Anything is possible 😦

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                1. I’d like to see Scotland gain independance. My eldest daughter hatched a plan. She said that if Scotland gained independance, she’d move there – something about my mum being Scottish, so she’d be allowed residency. I had to tell her that although she was Scottish, she was a citizen of Canada (long story). She’s very disappointed.
                  If Trump gets in it will put the whole world in terrible danger. It makes me go cold just thinking about it.

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    1. It’s disgusting. The council wasted a huge amount of money on installing solar panels in the roof just before the building was scrapped, so they decided in April (the month that it was supposed to be demolished) to try to sell these solar panels before demolition. Nobody wants them. It all smacks of corruption. At about 1.5 km away, that building is the one blot on my landscape, jutting up over the skyline.

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    1. I have a fantasy about creeping in at dead of night, and chipping away at the cornerstone – dedicated to some local polital powderpuff – then running away, and watching it collapse into the river – not that it would. I think I wrote a poem about it…

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