frozen between
two small tasks

unable to decide which to prioritize
weighing each, .judging them equal

then, for an instant, .figuring this one is more pressing
before changing my mind, thinking the other more fun

arranging, .switching, .rearranging
struggling .to come .to. a..decision

until finally
I do neither




The Daily Post #Rearrange

Β©Jane Paterson Basil

58 thoughts on “Equal

                1. He did at first, but he put a paper bag over my head, and now he seems to be quite enjoying it.
                  I wonder why I feel the need to shock people. I have a friend who says it’s a form of self-saboutage πŸ™‚

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                  1. Surprise is a big part of comedy – you set up the scenario and subvert it into something people aren’t expecting. I hope it was a clean paper bag, not one he’d had a Gregg’s pasty in – all those crumbs πŸ™‚

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                    1. Well a lot of folk who work for the NHS smoke, which – when you consider how often they tell the rest of us how deadly it is – is a perfect illustration of the perverse nature of humans. So the odd pasty, sneaked into the examination room, quick bites snaffled between patients – yeah, I can see that

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                    2. I think Jane’s Erotic Pasties could be a whole new sideline for you. I think you should go on the next series of Dragon’s Den with it.
                      BTW, I know you don’t watch TV, but your old mate Paul Kay is giving a stonking turn on a programme called Zapped on Dave at the mo. It’s a silly comedy set in a fantasy universe (spells and rubbish wizards and so on) and Kay is a seller of magical supplies. He is brilliant – best thing in it by far.

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                    3. Thanks for the brill business idea. If you put some dosh in the usual place I won’t need to go on Dragon’s den. I’ve already come up with some fab ideas for packaging, and plan to follow up with a range of sauces in uniquely shaped bottles.
                      If Paul Kaye carries on with these constant TV appearances I’m going to have to go back to cat burglary, to fund a goggling habit I may wish to aquire.

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                    4. Back of the loo cistern as usual? Unmarked notes of course, though I won’t use any of those plastic things cos you can’t fold them.
                      Trapped might be on the Dave internet streaming thingy if you fancy a look. He’s very good

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                    5. I watched the trailer on YouTube. It looks good – made me think of A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, for some reason. I thought of streaming it, but I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to have a TV licence for that. I hate the TV licencing people because they’re so insulting and rude. I refuse to break their rules, because that would make me the criminal they assume me to be.
                      Less of the small change this time, please – fishing them out of the cistern is not my idea of a joke πŸ™‚

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                    6. You’ll be okay watching online as Dave is a commercial channel and the licence only covers the Beeb. I remember some chap years ago who got away without paying his licence because he could prove his telly only received ITV!
                      I’m thinking about doing the payment in new fivers after all – water proof int they?

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                    7. I believe TV licencing rules have recently changed. I’ll check on it. If you’re right I’ll love you forever.
                      Ha! Probably will anyway.
                      Abaht the dosh – noo fivers is fine, but make sure they’m kosher this time – I got a right bashin’ over them duff ‘uns.

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                    8. Mine will be pretty damn boring. I reckon there are too many of us to bother with, most of us just buying cheese and reading books on the loo rather than plotting the downfall of the world

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                    9. Say what? Are you publicly admitting you’re not plotting the downfall of the world? What’s this world coming to when it has to plot its own downfall and people are just sitting on the loo reading romances? (My fingers typed “remances” and I keep wondering, what are remances? Repeating romances that go nowhere?)

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                    10. If that’s what a remance is, I did a lot of it when I was young. Not sure why.
                      Have you read anything of Lynn’s? She’s a brilliant writer with an unusual imagination…


        1. It’s hard to find the time – so many people want a piece of me, and each one thinks that they are the one person I’m happy to give up my writing time for. Only my two oldest daughters get it, and yet I’d always have time for them.

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