Some time away


Dedicated to my dear friend Calen.


“Live in the moment,” they say,
but when each moment weighs you down
breaks your back and bends your bones
you need some time away.


I’d like to take you on a break;
a holiday from this harsh place,
to a haven where we can be children,
if only for week,
where the sun shines directly on us
– not over in the distance, offering promises
too soon broken;
but where wishes come real for you and me.

We’ll breakfast in a zillion-star hotel.
Well dressed waiters will pretend we are respectable
– ignore our giggles as we point at their penguin tails,
then we’ll kick our heels and run, squealing,
to the beach.
We’ll collect coloured shells, look for strange creatures and crabs,
chase the sea as it recedes, eat icecream and not feel sick,
bury our feet in the sand,
then lie on our backs and dream.

After a few days, we’ll awake to find Autumn
has arrived in its russet glory.
We’ll wrap up warm, and walk down cool corridors
of maple and oak,
throw fallen leaves to the breeze,
and watch them fly one final time
before they sink into the soil.

We’ll play dress up in big high heels and floppy hats,
and whisper the secrets of kids.
I’ll talk about the funny lady that lives next door
with seven cats, one of them black,
and looks like a witch,
while you’ll tell me what your brother said he saw.

We’ll do all these things and many more;
maybe we’ll even shed a few childish tears,
but most of all,
we’ll throw our heads back, and we’ll laugh

And when the week is done,
we’ll go home to find time has been frozen;
everything will be as it was when we left,
but our short rest
will have given us the grit
to face tomorrow,
with a grin.

©Jane Paterson Basil


34 thoughts on “Some time away

  1. That’s lovely Jane -idyllic. Woudln’t that be marvellous? Not just a holiday, but a holiday from being an adult, leaving every care and worry behind, surrendering to fun.
    I do love the sound of that. 🙂


  2. Oh Jane, if only it were possible, but during that idylic week you would also talk of what you would do with the rest of your lives. When you came back you’ld have to be terribly strong! Well I know I would. xx Anton


    1. But we’d be children. I don’t know about you, but I would be raving about how I want to be an astronaut when I grow up – I’d have forgotten it’s not all beer and skittles.
      But you’re right, settling back into the ole routine would be hard.
      Will you come with us anyway? When you get there, you’ll be well again. Love, Jane xx


  3. Jane you know the life I had as a little boy and I’d love to experience a lot of the innocent pleasures and fun of being six or seven again. But I was also very ill and old beyond my years in realising the gap between those, like us, who had everything and those in dire need. My sister was the same and our fantasy was being philanthropists feeding the poor and starving of the world. What an indictment on society that was to see two small children playing at putting others before themselves and to think that all the people you knew well considered it a silly game and laughed! But as we both grew up it stopped being a game and was something we were lucky enough to be able to do do in many ways for the rest of our lives. But then I’m sure you still dress up, wear silly hats, heels that are much too high and why not? As Wordsworth said ‘the chid is father of the man.’ I think you’ve just had a blog all to yourself 🙂 love xx Anton

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    1. I feel priveleged to know you Anton. You and your sister must have sprouted from very special seeds. You’ll be disappointed to learn that I have rarely dressed up in silly hats and heels. I was alway conscious of the fact that it’s not practical to climb trees in such garb, and I had a passion for climbing trees until about five years ago, when emotional exhaustion got in the way.
      Love, Jane xxx


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