I ain’t no angel


I ain’t no angel, don’t deify me;
I’m just a doll at the top of your tree.
You could call me an idol or a plastic toy,
dut don’t deify me, you foolish boy.

I’m a fallen saint, my spirit ain’t mine;
a twisted sinner of my dad’s design.
I’m not the author of this pointless game,
but an reluctant player that you can’t tame.

Go away, vamoose, just leave me be;
I’m not the woman you think you see,
and what is more, I don’t need a man;
Are you too dull to understand?

If I was lonely, I wouldn’t choose you,
I despise the annoying  things you do.
I don’t need your gifts or your charity;
It’s time you learned that you can’t buy me.

Your conversation is utterly absurd;
I die a little more at your every word.
Your efforts to console just bring me down;
I wish you’d desist from coming round.

How would you feel if you knew
I sit in the dark just to hide from you?
If I see your number I silence the phone;
I don’t want your company; leave me alone.

Your lack of intellect is driving me mad;
it’s obvious you’ve lost what sense you had,
with your layabout body and your lazy brain.
Please go away, before I go insane.

I’ve tried finding kindly words to say,
I’ve tried being surly and hiding away,
and since you encouraged your mind to go to seed,
I can’t write a letter as you say you can’t read.

I’ve done all I can to make you see
That I don’t want you and you don’t need me.
Your determination has dragged me down low;
I’ve run out of methods for telling you to go.

I aint no angel, why’d you deify me?
I’m just a doll at the top of your tree.
You could call me an idol or a plastic toy,
but stop deifying me, you foolish boy.

©Jane Paterson Basil


38 thoughts on “I ain’t no angel

    1. I picked up the image from pixabay. I was looking for something a bit ancient and knoocked about, like me 🙂 I’m testing the water, emerging from the darkness. I’m also mixing my metaphors…


            1. It’s awkward. We started off as friends.
              I’ve told him I’m not interested.
              He keeps saying “I can’t help the way I feel.”
              I say “That’s not my responsibility.” I think he’s finally getting the message.

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  1. He sounds like he has the skin of a rhino! Too daft to pick up on your heavy hints. I confess, I’ve switched off the phone, hidden in the dark from people (though never men attracted to me!) If he’s too stupid to pick up on your dislike, then he’s definitely too daft for you

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    1. This is a guy who practices both illness and illiteracy as if they’re virtues. He got desperate last week, and stuck a Christmas card through my door, written by his own hand – and a watch, and a tenner!! – thereby proving that he can write. I don’t dislike him – on a good day he’s funny, but he’s crazy if he thinks I’d be interested…

      Liked by 1 person

                1. I just read the post! It’s wonderful! She’s wonderful! You’re wonderful! Everyone’s wonderful.
                  I broke my toe laughing at your story.
                  OK. No, I didn’t. I broke my toe because of my neighbour, John.
                  OK. That’s not true either. I broke my toe because I’m a clumsy fool.
                  My foot’s bigger than the rest of my body now.

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