Laura’s birthday

rose-670447__480I’ve had a fortnight of reading, copying, pasting, editing, and formating the best 150 poems I have written over the past two years; a manic race to complete an album of my verse, to give as a gift on my daughter, Laura’s birthday, two days ago.

I succeeded, in spite of constant interruptions from friends and family, and a particularly nasty and unexpected brain-rape, on the 22nd, by a strange sexual predator who made me so angry that I thought I was having a heart-attack. It was hard to work the following day, since I was physically shaking. I’m a bit confused by the unwanted attention I’ve been getting lately.

It happened that I’d been invited to a family dinner with my brother’s ex and my nephew. When Linda discovered that it was Laura’s birthday, she invited both her and her boyfriend, Joe. Laura, Joe and I walked to Linda’s together. Laura looked beautiful; nicely dressed and well groomed. Every time I see her I notice a new improvement. She was well and happy. This was to be the first family event she was to attend for over three years, and I was very excited.

My sister had had a tough week, and felt too tired to attend the dinner, but she met up with us beforehand, as she wanted to see Laura on her birthday. By the time we parted company from her aunt, Laura was positively glowing from the compiments laurahair12she’d received.

It wasn’t a big party – only seven of us, so I wasn’t too worried that she may feel overwhelmed, but I didn’t expect it to go as well as it did. She had a lovely time. She ate a proper meal, and a desert, and talked confidently. Everyone was impressed with her, and they liked Joe. It was lovely. I felt so pleased and proud. They left before the rest of us, as Joe’s nephew was staying over for the night, and he wanted to spend a bit of time with him. Although Laura clearly enjoyed herself, I expect she was emotionally exhausted after a couple of hours, so it was good that they had an excuse to leave, but the ice has been broken. From now on I expect she’ll be included in all the invites I get from that part of the family.

She’s managed to build up some savings. Before, every penny she received funded her drug habit.

One day at a time…

©Jane Paterson Basil

26 thoughts on “Laura’s birthday

        1. I don’t feel as if I’ll ever catch up with myself. I spoke to Laura today, though. I have something a bit special in the freezer, which is too much for one person, so I’ve invited myself over there to cook it for us, as she can’t come to me.

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    1. She’s more beautiful than I ever was. I had to put in that photo of the back of her head, as I don’t have many pictures of her on the computer, and I can’t scan prints of her, as my printer refuses to function in that way xxx


    1. For the first time, Laura and her partner, Joe, invited me to their flat for the evening, and I’ve just left them. They’ve made their home beautiful AND they have decent coffee. When they look at each other I see love and gratitude in their eyes. Laura is looking for work, and they’re saving up for a holiday in Cornwall. When Laura laughed, it came from somewhere deep within. I’ve got my daughter back and I’ve gained a wonderful son in Joe. It feels like a miracle, arranged via you.
      Now I just have to wait for Paul to return – meanwhile I will have no contact with him. It’s the only way.
      “Thanks” is such a small word for what I want to say. xxx


    1. All my children have lovely hair, but Laura is the only redhead. I may have told you: when she started school I was worried that kids would make fun of her hair (in the UK redheads are derided. I think people put them down because they’re scared of them. Kids learn very early to make fun of carrot tops”). I hennaed my hair to make the statement that hers was so lovely that I wanted mine to look the same – to give her confidence. Unfortunately, my hair came our orange!

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      1. Some of that attitude exists here too, except redheads are called ‘rangas’. Kids can be so cruel.
        I’m trying to decide what colours to put in my hair next time. I indulge now and then. I’ve had splashes of pink, muve, copper. Might for a parrot or peacock look next time 🙂 Any suggestions ?

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        1. I used to sell Directions hair colour. It’s like Manic Panic – which I believe is Austratian – but cheaper.
          If you lived in the UK, I wouldn’t go for peacock. It’s currently very popular, which makes it boring. Also, blue and green wash out more quickly, and when that happens it doesn’t look nice.
          I’d like to recommend scarlet or royal blue, as they’re what I like at the moment, but I have a feeling you need secondary colours. Mauve suits you – maybe you could find a new shade of purple, just for a change.
          What season are you?
          Bet you didn’t expect a serious anwer from me! 🙂

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          1. Well, you ARE full of surprises! We’re heading into winter. You’re right though, mauve does suit me, so does hot pink. AND I didn’t even know there was a colour called peacock!! I usually have 2 or 3 colours, one of them always being blonde. Thank you for the fashion advice 🙂 Love it !!!

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              1. I do so wish I lived within cooee of you! I’d take your offer up in a heartbeat 🙂
                I’m leaning towards blonde, purpley something or other and perhaps a copper. Still a work in progress – not getting it done for a while yet.
                I had a look at the website you sent the link for – I think I’m a mix of spring and autumn 🙂

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                  1. Did you?! Wow 🙂 Had a hair cut today (changed my style – again!) and talked to Dara about colours, got a quote, made a booking. No final selection yet. Will either post online or send via email.

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