This is living


A snippet of my day. Written for The Daily Post’s Prompt #Lovingly

Walking in the rain, grateful to have it dampen my face, feeling alive, batting away complaints from those who forget it sustains us. Mineral rich, we are earth and water, dry skin contains wet inside.

Rivers running down man’s roads, man’s transport making a splash, soaking my thighs, making me smile.

“This is living,” I think.

Unhappy umbrella people dripping by, deep worries submerged beneath the perceived tragedy of wet weather.

She comes down the lane where people seem to meet by chance, neat hair flying despite the damp, walking like a royal in a rush, when she sees me. She looks at me Lovingly, hurriedly hugs me, tells me she loves me, to which I reply in kind, and then she’s gone. I walk on, my smile widening, my great day hitched to a higher notch.

This is living. I feel alive again.


I met my daughter, Laura, with her boyfriend, in almost exactly the same place as I last saw my son – a well-used thoroughfare near our town’s bus station. She said they needed to get to the bank. It was only  a few minutes to closing time. I’ve seen the facial expression, the stance, and the walk of the addict dashing off to score drugs. Neither Laura or Joe displayed any of those characteristics I know so well; they were just a normal couple in a hurry to get somewhere before it closed, walking, heads held high, with an innocence of mind.

©Jane Paterson Basil

12 thoughts on “This is living

    1. He’s lovely – intelligent, interesting, fun, tall, muscular – 12 years older than her. He’s the first man to ever treat her well, and this is in spite of the fact that her behaviour was monstrous when they first got together, maybe a year ago. He and I became friends last summer. She did something bad to him, and he brought me the stuff she’d left at his flat, as he couldn’t bear to see her. After that, they got back together and he came over whenever she messed things up again. Their story reminds me of The Taming of the Shrew.
      Put simply, I love him. I hope that one day he’ll be my son-in-law.

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        1. Could be.. and the way he is with her. The other day she decided to break all his mugs, because she didn’t like them. when he went to find the cause of the noise, she looked guilty, and nervously told him what she’d done. He put out his arms and said “Come here.” He gave her a hug, and told her they could go and choose some that she liked!

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