Choking on anagrams


He dislikes tight, white collared shirts.
Dreaming of Thai tees,
of cotton cooling wild ETSI heat,
he fumbles at his throat ~ tie haste.

Ties heat;
He hates tie, while I hate ties.
I make plans to pay a sea tithe
in pennies of pain.

I hesitate,
then eat heist, choking,
swallowing salt water.

Maybe he cries,
wallowing in self-pity.


Written for The Daily post #Hesitate

Β©Jane Paterson Basil


25 thoughts on “Choking on anagrams

            1. Two years ago I had so many words in my head that I couldn’t keep up with them. My brain is atrophying. I need to do some real gardening. I’m going to give up the gym and work on my daughter’s allotment instead.

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    1. Thank you! I’d love to throw all those anagrams up in the air, to see what other writers and poets would do with them – in fact, that would make an interesting weekly challenge; the anagram challenge – if I had more time.


        1. Tims is often described as sand, sifting through our hands. To me it seems more like massive rocks that fall on my head, then drop painfully on my toes before rolling away to the sea, leaving me behind, nursing my sore places πŸ™‚


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