Distant grazers

I thought it was time I slapped some real art onto my blog, to show the difference between my image tweaking and genuine talent. This was painted by my sister, Christine Basil, but I wouldn’t have reblogged it if I didn’t find it beautiful



Plein air site study done very early in the  morning looking over the Taw estuary. I could see the cows gradually approaching the front of my vision so just carried on painting the hills behind while I waited for them. It was a serendipitous moment. Such moments only arrive if you have the chance to go and find them. I love the peace at this time of day, I feel a communion with nature.

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8 thoughts on “Distant grazers

    1. It is. Most of Chris’s paintings are of places within a few miles of where we live. She sees what’s in front of her, and paints the essence of it. When I was in Wild Boar Wood, she came to stay for afew days at the end of the season, then brought me home. While she was there, she did some painting. Seh was working on picture of the trees at the opposite end of the field beside our woodland. I’d looked across there so many times, and thought it lovely, and yet – I don’t know if I can explain this clearly – when I saw her painting I thought: Wow! That’s what it really looks like, beyond my idea of it.


        1. I am short, and I try to reach way above the top shelf. Sensible people climb ladders to get there. I thought I could do it without going to the trouble 🙂
          Oh dear – I just can’t resist a cosy metaphor…

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