We define ourselves with labels,
it makes us feel secure.
The wealthy say they’re middling,
and the middling say they’re poor.
The mean say they are thrifty,
as they push you out the door,
while some of the ‘hardworking’
are lazing on the floor.

The grasping speak of charity,
as they buy another slave.
The callous say they’re caring,
as they step upon your grave.
The greedy say they’re hungry,
as a seventh course they crave.

Let’s remove the labels
we’ve pasted on our heads.
Let’s nail them to our walls,
and live by them instead.

The Daily Post #Label

© Jane Paterson Basil

22 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

        1. Honestly? I didn’t take much notice of the feelings behind the words – I was more interested in working on the poem I posted today, which rhymes and has a lot of alliteration and assonance – so it required a lot of thought 🙂

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    1. Adam and Eve, I guess – after they ate the naughty fruit, when Eve pointed to Adam and said “Get your feet off the dinner table. You’re a typical man – A USELESS CLODHOPPER,” and Adam replied “Stop being such a NAG, woman.” 🙂

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      1. You know what I think the whole “Garden of Eden” myth is about? It’s about US not knowing where we are. What was the first thing God said to Adam when he came to the Garden after they had dessert? “Adam, where are you?” Did God not KNOW where Adam was? Of course he/she/it did. God knows everything. But God wanted ADAM to figure out where he was and get his bearings. I mean think about it for a minute. If we don’t know ourselves and where we are in life (both inside and out) how can we have a right relationship with anyone, including ourselves? Like Jesus said, “You shall KNOW the truth, and the truth will set you free.” I think God wanted Adam and Eve to put aside their arrogance and realize they were just frail human beings. We’re all just human. Maybe if we could all get to that place there wouldn’t be any “uses and thems” any more and the world would be a whole lot more peaceful place. Just something that goes through my mind.

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        1. Wow! I love that theory! Sometimes you blow me away, Calen.
          If it’s OK with you, I’d like to copy and paste what you’ve written onto a document, save it as “Calen’s amazing thoughts”, and gradually add to it.
          I also think it would be good if you made it into a post.

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          1. Have at it! I will think about doing a post… Sometimes I get a little nervous about sharing my lopsided views about faith, etc. Such as regarding the Garden of Eden story a myth or a metaphor. (Is that the right word?) Upsets a lot of folks. But I’ll think about it.

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            1. I believe all of Genesis to be a metaphor – and why not? It makes it no less the word of God than if it was literal. I use metaphor all the time, and I’m sure nobody thinks of it as lying.
              Seems to me that Genesis is what drives many people from religious belief. It’s sad if that offends some Christians, but so be it.
              God gave us brains with which to think – causing a metaphorical Adam to eat a metaphorical apple. Maybe God was trying to say He was a bit disappointed with the stupid things we chose to think about.
              And I don’t blame Him.

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        1. Yes – let’s blame them for everything, global warming, bad novels, Trump, plastic-handled hand tools (I like wood), instant coffee and the irritating lock on my front door. There’s no end to the problems they caused by eating from the tree of knowledge. If it hadn’t been for them, I expect dolphins would be in charge, and they’re lovely.gentle creatures 🙂

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