The Dark Lane


“Later,” I heard you say.
Turning, you walked down the dark lane.
I watched as the numbers on the clock changed,
eating minutes, hours, days.

Years went by,
then, “Soon,” you cried,
and turned to walk again down the dark lane.

Your last word was “Tomorrow,”
spoken with confidence and hope.
I reached for you,
crying, “Today, please, today,”
but you turned away
to take one last walk down the dark lane.

Your clock stopped,
leaving memories of a lost embrace,
the deathly echo of a promise made too late,
and nightmares of a dark lane.

In memory of all the lives which have been stolen by addiction.

The Daily Post #Later

©Jane Paterson Basil

17 thoughts on “The Dark Lane

  1. This is amazing. I’ve read it aloud and think I might cry. Very powerful imagies.

    I see myself as the one walking away, leaving the people who love me behind. I’m trying to come back.

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    1. I’ve just read a couple of your posts, and it looks to me as if you’re well on your way back to your loved ones. Well done – kicking alcohol is a notoriously hard thing to do, particularly as it’s legal and considered socially acceptable. Good luck in your future.

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  2. We always seem to think we have an infinite amount of time, don’t we… Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we knew the day of our death if we didn’t change our behaviors… Would we? Change them, I mean.

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