Love an Addict

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days. I made plans to start a new blog on Monday 3rd April – today – but my life is so complicated that I have to put it on hold for the moment. The name of the blog is to be Love an Addict. I chose a theme, wrote my About page and worked out some of the details, but then my life became more  complicated than usual .

It was designed to be a blog to support addicts everywhere through the love of the families of addicts everywhere. I’d need to give this blog my attention on a daily basis. I’d have to be reliable, and owing to current circumstances, I’m not in a position to be reliable at the moment. I have to focus on my family. My two youngest children are in the early stages of recovery. Paul doesn’t require as much attention as Laura. I’m her main caregiver, whereas Paul has someone else to fulfil that role – but there’s no knowing when he may need me.

Maybe in the coming weeks things will settle down enough for me to start my new blog, hopefully  giving other addicts the opportunity to receive the kind of love from good people all over the globe which has helped Laura, in particular, to reach this point.

The time in the UK is 02.15am on Monday, 3rd April. I can’t make up for my failure to begin my blog, but I can go some way towards doing so, by sending out love.

If you’re an addict who wants to go into recovery, there’s someone here – sitting on a living room floor in a flat in Barnstaple, in a county called Devon, tucked away in the South West of England – writing a blog post. She’s called Jane. She’s thinking of you, believing that you can make it, and sending you love.

I will think of you daily, and daily I will send you my love and my support. Some of my readers will be inspired by this, and they will do the same for you. Some will do it through prayer, others through meditation. Whatever their method; whatever their faith or understanding of life, they will send you their support. If I had a larger readership, more people would do this for you. There is plenty of love which may become accessible to you. Don’t let the drug tell you that you are not worthy or not able; you are.

xxx ~ Jane

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©Jane Paterson Basil

29 thoughts on “Love an Addict

  1. Dearest Jane. Pray for you, your children and all addicts every day of my life and will for as long as I can. Wish there were more people in the world like you xx Anton
    BTW last time I sat on anything in Barnstaple it was a horse in 1952. See my Facebook home page. Horse is a bit older now☺

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    1. Anton, it’s so good to see your face. If I am in the least bit worthy of your comment it is because I have been lucky; throughout my life, several wonderful people such as you have mentored me. I have been a difficult pupil at times.
      I’ll take a look at your facebook page, and see whether I recognise the surroundings. Barnstaple ha changed a great deal in the intervening years, but anyway, I’m guessing the photo was taken in a nearby village – Landkey, perhaps. Love, Jane xxx


      1. I know how devoted you are to the kids, sweetie, but at some point you HAVE to do something for yourself. Going to the gym is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. It won’t do you any good to try to be there for them if you end up in bed unable to function. Do I have to come over there with my whompin’ stick to make you take care of yourself??? 😉

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        1. Bring it on – at least that way I’ll get to meet you in person 😀
          I’m having a great time – walking miles, cooking lovely food, visiting friends, relaxing in the evenings with a movie on my laptop (something I NEVER do when alone). It’s just that Ido all these things and more with Laura by my side, and she’s excellent company. In two weeks she’ll be 100 miles away, and I’ll miss her. I won’t have anyone to cook with – being in the kitchen with Laura is the best, although cooking with Paul can be equally good fun when he’s on form.

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  2. Reblogged this on raynotbradbury and commented:
    Addiction – when you can give up something any time, as long as it’s next Tuesday…
    Sounds familiar?
    Read this post and remember: “don’t let the drug (any) tell you that you are not worthy or not able; you are.”
    And I’m sure one day we’ll read a new great blog “Love an Addict”:)

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    1. Yes, and next Tuesday something bad happens, and you need a drink/fix – just this one last time.
      I read the quote from my post, and didn’t recognise it. I thought it was yours. I was going to ask permission to write it on an appropriate image, credit it to you, print it off and present it to the local drugs services.
      Now that I realise it’s my quote, I guess I don’t need your permission Lol

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    1. Thank you for those supportive words. I’m confident of my daughter’s recovery. We’re together most of the time, and she’s well and happy. 🙂
      It turns out that my son was fooling everybody – even his sister, who knows the ropes…


  3. So sweet. All good things happen in time. Take care of yourself first, then perhaps little by little you can start. It is good to know there are people wanting to take their hardship and make something good of it. It is not easy, I am sure, but truly a worthy goal. You can make a true difference.

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